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Marathon Training

Marathon Training

Running is one of the best ways to beat stress and stay fit! Anyone can take up running irrespective of age, gender or current fitness level. All one needs, is to train correctly and with guidance.

At Fitizen, we follow a systematic approach comprising of multiple training cycles, over a period of time, for all runners with different levels of experience (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced).

Our SAFE methodology focuses training on Strengthening, Agility, Flexibility & Endurance. Our training modules are systematically designed to help you to prepare for 10/21/42 km run.

  • Run with right form & technique
  • Improve your pace & achieve your personal best
  • Stay strong and injury free with emphasis on core strengthening exercises & stretches
  • Gait analysis
  • Breathing techniques
  • Cardio Vascular
  • Training strength and conditional training
  • Endurance and aerobic training
  • Anaerobic/Speed/Agility training
  • Diet

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